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Originally Posted by moujik View Post
Exactly that.
You wanna see disgusting refs, watch Miami!
Delfino got held by Bosh on the screen, for LeBron go ahead basket, and there's not a mention even from Houston commentators! It was so blatant! Bosh's body wasn't even in the way, it was just his arms. so clear to see.
But it's so common place, that no one raises an eyebrow anymore.
NBA will even include drives of Wade and LeBron, carrying the ball or taking extra steps in the highlights!
Eat up and shut up!
what, so because the refs were REALLY bad in a miami game we shouldn't complain about consistently getting the marginal calls against us!? rubbish. It's been way more than just the OKC game!

i dunno how you judge fouling in this league but first i'm patient in the opening Q, try and guage what level of contact the refs seem to be accepting. Whilst keeping track (a rough track, not saying i count them and keep them in my head,) of how many fouls each team has committed, that weren't given.

then when it starts becomming obvious i might say "oh well, that was a marginal one, coulda gone either way i suppose." Then see if the other team are getting those sort of fouls called for them. "oh well, there was some contact, i can see how they gave that." By the 3rd, 4th Q when the opposition is 5, 6, 7 fouls given that we haven't been given it becomes blatant! you can accuse me of being biased if you want and all fouls aren't the same but to me it is bloody obvious that there are something like 10 teams in this league that do not get calls and probably 5-10 teams (and certain players,) that are given way too much respect in this league.

and then there's things like travels and push-offs.
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