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Originally Posted by Rimpianto View Post
There's no contraddiction, read slowly, maybe my english is not that good.
I took as sample the last 4 seasons without Bosh only because those were the seasons with him at N.1 option. Yes, seasons before those 4 were even better but I wanted stats for him as 1st option to compare him with another 1st option (dirk).

Then I wrote that your stat maybe imperfect, given that the time he's on the court he's playing against opp.Starters, while when he's out the team is usually playing against opp.2nd unit (bench was so hard to understand?)

Then if you pick up two random sentences in this post too I maybe be in contraddiction again.

Last, I don't want to get into the argument of how good\bad he's in every aspect, where you tried to bring this discussion. I was simply pointing out that his offence is not so inefficient as pictured, especially compared to a (better) player who has a similar style.

Then I agree, is time for him to leave, for both sides.
How did I get downvoted?

Anywho, except it wasn't the last 4 seasons. Bosh's last season was in 09-10. Therefore, Bargs has only been the #1 option on offense for 2 seasons and 7 games this season. So, you're mixing efficiency as he was more efficient when Bosh was here (ie. in 08-09 and 09-10) as Bargs was the #2 option on offense then. The stats that I showed you, the 10-11 and 11-12 seasons, compared to Dirk, were the stats with him as a #1 option.

The other stat ie. him on the court vs off the court is literally what it is, looking at net points/100 possessions while he's on the court (he doesn't face only starters as other teams don't play only their starters) compared to when he's off the court (ie. injured or being on the bench).

Last part, his efficiency, I clearly showed you that his time as a #1 option, he hasn't been that efficient. I think you are the one confusing 2 seasons with a hypothetical/misinformed 4 seasons of being a #1 option. Anywho, I gave you the link to basketball reference. If you want the net possessions link you have to do some research to compare different seasons of Bargs' play (ex. toronto Raptors 2011-2012 82 games.com) .

Lastly, yes, a trade would benefit Bargs and the raptors.
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