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Default Returning Rap Fan - What are your thoughts on my thoughts!

Hi guys/Jeff,

Unfortunately when raptor torrents (website) closed I was unable to watch last season. The 2 seasons before I watched pretty much every game.

Today I was fortunate enough to be able to catch the last 2 quarters of the Philly game.

I'm shocked! We've made absolutely no progress! Here is what I'm left wondering, I'm curious what you guys (the experts) think.

WHY DID WE PAY DEMAR THAT MUCH! - I really like Demar, but after seeing him today (very small sample I know) it's SO OBVIOUS he's already the finished product. His game is identical to his 2nd season and he isn't going to improve. What on earth was the point in locking him up to this contract when it blatently won't get us any where in the long run. Jeez, if he's offered a fortune elsewhere what have we got to lose in trying to get more from Ross (for example)

Why do we have a culture of rewarding AVERAGE players WHO HAVE NO MAJOR IMPACT ON THE TEAM? Ok - this seems like a stupid statement. But the thing is - we should ONLY commit to players who appear to be above average. Otherwise what s the harm in seeing them leave and trying someone new(cheaper). Fans like hope - rebuilding teams survive because of HOPE.

These players are good examples from over the years

AMIR - I really really don't understand that contract
LINAS (slightly more understandable at the time but turned out badly)


Why do we never take a chance on Vets? These are some players who I believe were available for fairly cheap over the last few years

Kenyon Martin

We could even have a bash with Agent 0 or B Diddy?!

There have been plenty more. Why don't we sign Kenyon RIGHT NOW?

Look forward to hearing from you guys - my post isn't very well constructed by I'm thinking on the fly.

ETA - First DC coached game I've seen. I would have thought it was a JT team tonight if I didn't know otherwise. He seems like a waste of time.

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