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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
you should know better than use +/- for a 5 game sample, they are utterly meaningless.

Our 5 best players are, clearly and without need of explaining, jose, lowry, demar, Bargnani and amir. Since lowry is better than jose, jose needs to go the bench, and that leaves a spot for a SF.

Bargnani is playing like shit, but he appears to be coming into shape slowly. Even so, he's our second best player and without him, our offense, such as it is would be destroyed. It's bad enough now where he's the only one capable of spacing the floor, have an amir/ed/jv combination with demar and another non shooter at the 3 and might as well abandon half court possesions and give the ball back to the offense and hope we can get a rebound to run the floor ...
You may notice how I used about 5 different stats, including plus-minus, to come to my conclusions. Plus-minus in isolation is useless (like many other stats) - but, like many other stats, it can be a piece of the puzzle.

Frankly, as much as I appreciate Bargnani's offence, he has started really slow and is also blowing a good number of defensive assignments - he has yet to show me what he did last year.

And considering my suggestion had Anderson at the 3, the spacing should be fine. Ed and Amir can both hit the 10 footer just fine - it is only when Amir steps out to 18 feet that he gets in trouble.

And obviously the stats are flawed due to small sample size. But use your eyes. What is out there is not working. The stats just give an idea of something to try. Why the heck would we keep trotting out a Bargnani who can't shoot, a JV who will be awesome in time but is struggling against starting C's with their bulk, and a Fields who can't anything? Lowry and DD actually have the ball in their hands too little when they are on the court and our motion offence is trying to create shots for Bargs as well. Ed and Amir (Amir especially) are both good P+R players and very good offensive rebounders. The lineup I suggested would work fine, and in the limited floor time it has been played, has been +60 points per 100 possessions. Even over a 10 minute sample that is pretty good - and with Lowry and Demar on the floor that means they weren't just playing bench players.

Simple way to look at it is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But it sure as heck is broke. So why not try something.
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