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Originally Posted by DanH View Post
Lots of good ideas brought up here, and a couple I scratch my head at.

Statistically speaking, here is a breakdown of the 6 lineups that have posted a positive net points so far. The six have played a combined 42 minutes. Small sample size, but it is early in the season, and that's what you get (the most-used lineup this year has only 50 minutes to its name - the second most-used has 9).

In those 6 lineups, the players that appear most often are:
Ed Davis (5 times)
Alan Anderson (4 times)
Amir Johnson (4 times)
Jose Calderon (3 times)
Demar DeRozan (2 times)
Kyle Lowry (2 times)
John Lucas (2 times)
Landry Fields (2 times)
Terrence Ross (2 times)

As well as Gray, Bargnani, McGuire and Valanciunas once each.

The top lineup was Anderson, Davis, Johnson, Lowry, DeRozan.

The top players in terms of overall simple +/- this year are Johnson, Ross, Davis, Lucas, Gray, Anderson and Lowry, in that order.

The top players for net ORTG-DRTG are:
Lowry +33
Johnson +25
Gray +9
DeRozan +8
Davis +6
Calderon +1

And in WS/48:
Lowry .332
Amir .259
DeRozan .161
Davis .118
Gray .106

Based on the above, Johnson, Davis and Lowry are shoe-ins. So, Bargs and Val go to the bench. Jose stays there. On the wings, you have a strong case for DD and Anderson. Then on the bench you have Fields and Ross, who have both been part of good lineups but are not holding up individually.

So, Lowry, DD, Anderson, Davis, Johnson. With a second unit of Jose, Ross, Fields, Bargs, and Val. That's my vote.
you should know better than use +/- for a 5 game sample, they are utterly meaningless.

Our 5 best players are, clearly and without need of explaining, jose, lowry, demar, Bargnani and amir. Since lowry is better than jose, jose needs to go the bench, and that leaves a spot for a SF.

Bargnani is playing like shit, but he appears to be coming into shape slowly. Even so, he's our second best player and without him, our offense, such as it is would be destroyed. It's bad enough now where he's the only one capable of spacing the floor, have an amir/ed/jv combination with demar and another non shooter at the 3 and might as well abandon half court possesions and give the ball back to the offense and hope we can get a rebound to run the floor ...
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