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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
I'm going to start this post, by saying I'm not trying to make excuses for anyone, I'm just trying to either play devil's advocate or go based off observations.

Fields leaving the starting line up makes the most sense. Replacing him with McGuire does not because if you leave Val out there that leaves you with two offensive deficiencies in the starting unit (a starting unit that already struggles with other starting units). Anderson is the most logical choice, but I could envision a scenario where Bargnani is moved to the 3 and Amir brought to the starting 4.

That said, Bargnani is the other guy who must leave the starting unit (I don't think it will happen) simply because he needs a kick in the ass.

The problem with him, and it's always been this way with him, is that if he's not involved truly in the offense then EVERYTHING leaves him. He's not interested in defense because his mind is focused on scoring on the next possession (and if you've played ball you know a guy like this or have played with a guy like this). Plus, you insert a guy like Lowry who has his own 'flow' to playing the game and you could tell it's impacted his game. He's not comfortable out there and that's affected his game right now.

However, his continuous ball watching and stopping the offensive flow is harming this team. He's a mid-range player who does a lot of damage when he's in attack mode and cutting. Instead, he's been happy at the perimeter and settling and not attacking. When he gets the ball at the top, he's decided already he's going to shoot and just stalls the play. Everyone else just watches. Ed and Amir at least slash and attack from the mid-range and it's when we look the best as an offensive unit (may not score, but there's better flow and rhythm to them).
Solid post.... but what about bringing McGuire to the starting lineup, thus allowing AB to have more of his offensive touches like last year. Give him all his offense and if everything else doesn't come back with that, ship him out. If you say it's that way, why not load up defensively around him like they do in Dallas, and let him be that offensive juggernaut in between two defensive giants? It stands to reason that given his success last season being the only offensive threat on most nights he played, that when reinforcements come in, his offense would only then need to be replaced as he gets a breather. There isn't enough ball for that many scorers on a court so why not embrace his abilty and with Lowry and DD, you'd have three offensive guys and JV is going to power his way to plenty of putbacks, open jimmies and pick and rolls. That's plenty of offense in a starting lineup with plenty of D as well.... thoughts? Save the offensive three to play alongside Ed, Amir or Gray who are all severly limited on the offensive side of the ball.
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