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Originally Posted by Windex View Post
its kind of true though. plenty of people that voted for Obama want more entitlements. and the white majority is decreasing the country.
I agree that his analysis was somewhat accurate, but the language of entitlement and wanting stuff is terrible, mean-spirited, and placed alongside lamentations over the end of the white establishment, spoken from a place of privilege that is not warranted. It's really pretty undemocratic. So he understood the change in the demographics, but really missed the point - that the change means a shift in the political balance according to democratic principles.

Yeah - there are a set of people that want stuff. I suppose, just like the white men that not only wanted stuff, but expected it, not through exercising their rights as citizens, but by their birthright. This has gone hand in hand with the idea of American exceptionalism, and in each case there as been a tremendous overreach. It's really not that big of a problem to see that balanced out slightly.

It's what I was saying about change being cemented. Think about what blacks and women, and gays, and pretty much anyone not a white male have had to settle for time and time again. Any victories were extremely hard fought, and overall they could count on being on the losing side of the electorate. Hell, a lot of white men ended up losing out while being on the winning side, while being suckered into following along with fears of the "other". Because only a very few most privileged among them wanted stuff. A lot of stuff. An unimaginable amount of stuff. In this very election they spent billions in order to keep the stuff flowing to them. The people Bill speaks of are looking for greater fairness and opportunity. And mostly they are moderates just looking for a fair and balanced way to ease the debt burdens after decades of having it hoisted on their backs. So yeah, he can fuck off with his whining and step down from the balcony along with Marie Antoinette.

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