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Originally Posted by Metallikid View Post
Guys, look at the team. Look at what teams need around the league. There's a reason Jose and Bargnani have never been linked to any trade rumours. (minus Jordan) It's because they're either too inconsistent or too mediocre to be desirable. I'm sure plenty of GMs have called about Bargnani and I'm sure they've offered shit assets like low draft picks or multiple even less talented players. We're never going to trade up Jose and Bargnani; the high level talent those salaries come to simply isn't available unless there's high level talent is on both sides. Also, have you guys seen small forwards? It's by and far the least deep position in the league and high level SFs are getting contracts like DeRozan's or better. Also, if we lose Bargnani, our front line immediately turns to offensive crap. The problem with the Raptors for as long as I've been a fan is that what talent we have is spread so evenly that trading any of our decent players would always leave us with a dearth somewhere. Jose is our only real asset in that respect and point guards are plentiful nowadays; the bench guards are cheaper and play almost as well or the starter is good enough. And in the span of two short years you can see middling teams dying out; everyone's either way in the rebuild hole, a playoff lock, or already built back up far enough to not consider trading higher talent players laterally.
You assert that Bargnani has no value among GMs, and yet is invaluable here. I don't think either case is true. There are likely GMs that feel he could be a good fit and help with their team's offense. And if the Raptors overvalue his importance to the offense then they will be lost.

I agree that the problem is not solved easily at all. Especially in the short term. But again, it's the box BC has put himself in. He needs to find a GM willing to open that box a little bit.
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