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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
How many teams have built a winner from shit since colangelo has been in Toronto?

How many teams have won championships?

These threads, this opinions about the GM, they are ridiculous. Any GM in the NBA would make your head spin if he spoke to you. There is SO much shit going on that the average now it all on a message board doesn't know, and to be honest, unless you're a lawyer, don't understand that it's almost laughable that you would second guess what gets done.

Draft picks are gambles.
Free agents go where they want to go.

If you actually think it's easy getting guys to come up to Toronto,you're an idiot. Period. The ONLY way up for this team is luch with the draft, and luck with players like Lowry who might be ready to make a jump nobody saw coming...or, in laymans terms, LUCK.

You guys speak about BC as if he has no idea who James Harden is, or Batum, or any other big time FA or star. You all want to crucify him for trying to get Nash a move everyone in the NBA thought was a good one for Toronto. So he had to gamble with Fields.... it didn't work but I like the Nuts it took to make that happen, THAT was not an easy decision for BC, trust. Of course when he makes the moves you guys like it's because Ed Stefanski is keeping him in line, but when something you don't like happens...where is Ed??? Is he still not there???

There is an atrocious lack of respect on this message board for men who are eons ahead of you people in terms of experience, age, education, and straight up basketball knowledge. Yet still here you all sit, explaining exactly where the GM's all go wrong, of course you all have the benefit of having zero knowledge about hos shit happen, and you get to see the results which make it painfully fucking obvious which moves worked and which didnt...BUT THEN YOU ACTUALLY ACT AS IF YOU'RE POSTING SOMETHING BRILLIANT. Here's a hint guys ANYONE with half a brain who follows sports understands this shit, half of it is almost unsaid because it's considered COMMON KNOWLEDGE.

I'm reading this post above me....this Koolaid Kid.... DD rah rah grumble "DD simply isn't worth the money" says who? You??? Suppose they just signed him for fun? Get it over with, I have a Tee time in Vegas???? Back to life, back to reality guy, you're in space.... mental space, floating around blathering crap about things you haven't the slightest foundation of knowledge about in which to blather....

It's one thing to rant and rave about players sucking...sometimes they suck, but please stop acting as if you're all smarter than the people actually doing the job. Because honestly, if you were so much smarter, you'd be somewhere else, not here.
DD was a draft pick and he hasn't exactly proven to be a safe pick. Free agency - I and many others know that this city/team can't get quality free agents. However, it's about doing wise moves and investments. Keeping $ in mind is important for trades, cap space responsibility, etc. "DD simply isn't worth the money" - practically every journalist/writer, etc out there has stated the same thing. That it wasn't a wise move or that it should've been for cheaper.

You know what though, let's not comment at all. Everything BC does is excellent. The raps are in great shape financially. almost 16 million tied up in mediocre SGs. Still nothing at the SF spot. players who look good because they get minutes but don't actually improve, etc. F**k, everything is awesome. BC is a genius. We should have complete faith in him. No one should comment or speak at all because we are subservient. We should all go the way of 1984 and not even use certain words. If you're not a GM then you can't comment or critique what one does.
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