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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
you should have watched the game tonight ... he was quite awful. If this team is serious about winning, JV has no place in the starting lineup. He's a major liability on defense and brings nothing but energy on offense.

Maybe tonight wasn't the best scenario for him, hibbert is too big for JV right now. He has great potential, but doesn't bring much right now.
I can't believe we watched the same game! You will be riding JV's jock within a couple of months, guaranteed!

How can you be so negative about Val, he played a pretty awesome game for his first NBA game - even got a double double in 23 minutes! He's currently #10 in rebounds per 48 mins in the NBA; watching Val's game I can comfortably say that I can predict he'll finish in the top 15-20 rebounds per 48 this season. He had 1 credited block and challenged a load more shots. I was extremely impressed with his first game - especially hearing how nervous he was.

I wasn't so sure Val could score in the NBA, but now I'm pretty convinced that he will be a double double guy. The guy has hands like a hoover vacuum cleaner. To even suggest we're better off with Amir at center, who plays hard but just gets outclassed -- he's too short! -- is laughable.

If you want to complain about rookies and new Raptors - Terence Ross looked lost out there and Landry Fields was awful.

Opening night Lowry was awesome, Valanciunas was excellent, Bargs was pretty good - he played his game and got to the line and Jose was pretty good. Nobody else was particularly impressive.

Originally Posted by thriller92 View Post
If Bargs has this much trouble with him, I'm not looking forward to when he plays the star PFs in the league.
Strong, short guys are always a problem for Bargs, though. Bargs always gets pushed around and doesn't play them properly (gives them too much or too little space, lets them drive on him, etc). Guys like Millsap absolutely carve him up. Bargs has a better time, IMO, against taller skilled guys like Gasol who will get their points against Bargs but won't have their way with him because they're not used to being guarded by 7 footers as much.

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