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Originally Posted by LX View Post
The big problem is that all politicians, whether right or left, have been given access to the moneyed classes, and they like it. The right takes their agenda to greater extremes, but the left sells out when it comes to solving the real problem of insane inequalities. Neither party answers to the people anymore. There is greater hope (for what that word is worth) that a new FDR will emerge from the ranks of Democrats, so it means something, but at the same time the right is always more ready and able to offer solutions that can be forced on the populace when their manufactured crisis' take root. There is a real possibility that with all the money involved in politics down there, that the Republicans will become the de facto, paid for in full by the one percent, governing party for as long as it takes people to recognize that democracy is as good as done. I hope they go with hope one more time, but the fact that a knob like Romney can make it even close does not hold out a lot of hope in the long run.
And neither side can get together anymore on issues. Never in my life have i heard politicians be so blatant about it. When Obama first took office for instance, you had republican Mitch McConnell come right out and state that their main goal was that the president fail and that he's a one term president. Has anyone ever before that hear a politician be so blatant about that being a goal and main priority? And considering the state of that country at the time, you would think that the collapse of the economy would have been the main goal to try and get straightened out. Rush Limbaugh coming right out and saying that he wishes for the president to fail, questioning that he was american, wagging a finger in his face in public, yeling at him at the state of the union address. And it goes both ways, hell the democrats themselves in the first two years couldn't even get together on their own agenda when they had the chance push through their issues. I don't think i have ever seen partisanship like this.
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