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Originally Posted by pzabby View Post
well if u've been through something this bad, you could be empathetic. but that's a choice. why do u choose not to be, if you don't mind me asking?
Because I believe theres always another way than taking your own life, its the cowards way out. You admit defeat and that you really are a weak person right then and there.

And I'm not going into any detail about anything i went through in high school.

Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
Each individual deals with mental health issues differently. Each situation is different. Each situation is bad, there are no levels when it's something personal like this. We cannot and I repeat, cannot judge everything on certain levels that are arbitrarily chosen.

You can maintain your stance, I would imagine you would say something along the lines of she's a coward (for committing suicide) or she deserved it (for entering into the situation) as you somewhat elude to that in your post.

However, I too have been bullied in my life which has had a profound impact on how I view myself to this very day, however, I can't sit here and judge the poor girl.

What I can do, is judge the internet and examine how it's cultivated a culture or irresponsibility (possibly not the correct word). It's created a culture where we don't take responsibility for our words because we are separated by a computer screen. I read comment sections (because it's a part of my job) every day and every day I read the immaturity on those things. I can simply imagine, what can happen, when one person, who already feels insecure, afraid and depressed, feels like when they read comments on a daily basis (negative ones) directed at her. It's a depressing thought, just sitting here.

I truly feel for this girl and the self-torment and afflicted torment she felt.
I do understand where your coming from and I was doing my best not to come off as ignorent ass with what I was saying, but I guess I did a bit.

Bullied isn't a word that even describes what I went through in high school, nor does it matter at this point, everything can be overcome, and its what makes you the person you become in life.

But I'm not gonna sit here and try to say what her exact situation was though or try to slander her in any way.

Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
It's not about you, and to be honest, your comment is immature and a little bit sad.
It really makes no difference to me what you think at all. But you can have whatever opinion you please.
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