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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Where did I say speaking optimistically was a problem? Over-hyping, and over-selling and over-promising could very well be a problem, especially when it's been a problem that clearly has not served him well in the past. Now I have to take some blame for buying into all of his promises and sales jobs in the past. That said, what I'd really like to see now (and this not presumed to be my advice unless you want to try to be a dick about it, but rather just my viewpoint as a fan) is a GM that continues to preach about the groundwork being laid for long term future success. He could suggest that there will be some good signs of progress and that there's always the chance to surprise. But to always talk about the big transformative deal repeatedly over such a long period of time (remember he started down that road before Bosh left) sounds a bit too much like a guy that is not all that secure in his job, and could easily cause people to be unimpressed when a deal finally is made, and when considering what is going to have to be given up turns out to not look incredibly transformative. Now I can't blame him if he is not secure in his position, I just think it sucks and could lead to real problems. It would be wonderful if he could feel secure enough in saying that he is carrying out a plan, that there will be more moves in the making this season, and that step by step they look to build something that will succeed for some time to come. Especially considering how so many past promises brought disappointment.
1. No need to call me a dick, I got banned for using the same word with you.

2. You're not looking at this the way I am. It's his job to sell it that way, he is expected to. It doesn't, and won't keep you or any other die hard fan happy, but die hard fans are only about 5% of the fan base, the rest are casual people out to see a little hoops and take in an NBA game. I will use the same comparison again with live Theatre. While many Theatre fans attend shows down on King Street, the majority are one off visitors, who will see maybe one show every few years. You need to create a positive and exciting vibe or you won 't get any interest from these fans. With sports its really not that different. You have to create a facade of awesomeness, if you don't your attendance numbers will drop like a brick. We crazy as fuck superfans aren't really their concern as we will bitch and complain and cry foul when the guy talks about how awesome this team is, but, we will also watch every game, go to any we can afford, and basically talk everyday on a message board, happy or angry.

Sales is sales, marketing is marketing. They do what they do because that is what they must do. The odd tidbit of caution is tossed out al the time by Colangelo, you can't argue that, and those tiny little tidbits.... they are designed for you, and for the media. The rest is pageantry and snake oil.... its always was, always will be.

Thats what I'm saying yo. And please, no need to call me a dick ok, I wasn't trying to be mean, I was only making a point.
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