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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
I actually don't think his comments are too wrong, they're just so easily twisted into whatever negative light they need to be twisted in.

He's right, 47% will just straight up vote for their candidate, he even implied that he didn't need to work on HIS 47% of the voters as those votes are also already locked up. He just has to win over the 5-10% of people are aren't completely brainwashed into only voting for whoever party X has in charge as they're the only party they can vote for.

The healthcare thing was also so badly twisted that it's not worth getting into.

Now also, don't get me wrong here, I actually don't give a shit about American politics, mostly I was amused how easily generic comments can be twisted to being made as evil as possible.

Also in the 2nd video, he specifically states that 200 to 250 AND LOWER are what he considers the middle class in the US. Which is also pretty accurate. Do people not know about the 'upper-middle class' that typically makes up 100-250k earnings? That's still middle class.
Americans are so easy to pick away at anything that they can twist, it's rather sickening.
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