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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
What, we don't have future picks?
The problem is not that we're lacking future picks; it's that the protections of the Lowry pick, combined with CBA regulations, make it almost impossible for the Raptors to trade future picks until the pick to Houston has been conveyed.

Two CBA rules are important here.
1) a team is NOT allowed to go two years in a row without a first round pick.
2) a team can only trade a pick 7 years in advance. No further in advance.

Now,the pick to Houston is tied up from 2013-2018 due to the protections on it. That's 6 years. We don't know for sure when the pick will be conveyed during that stretch.

After the Lowry trade was completed, the Raps could not trade a future first to Philly because it could potentially violate the CBA rule of not being allowed to go two years in a row without a first round pick.

Suppose the trade paper work said "the Raptors will convey their first allowable pick to Philly", in order to avoid the two consecutive year rule. Well, that still wouldn't work because, if the Houston pick was not conveyed until 2018, then the Philly pick would get pushed to 2020 (first allowable year), and 2020 is more than 7 years away, so it violates the other rule.

These hypothetical possibilities violate the CBA. So long as they are possibilities, regardless of how remote, the Raps can't trade future first rounders.

Now, having said all that, the rule states that you can't go two years without a first round pick, but it doesn't say that it has to be your pick. If the Raps were to get trade for another team's first round pick, or buy one, that could give them some flexibility one year
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