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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
Well said?

I get that people are unhappy with many of the decisions that are made globally by ours, and other western governments i.e. the US and the UK, That said, listen,. once those Jackasses create enough of an issue, and create enough or a threat over there with the Middle Eastern Countries they choose to malign, there IS a massive threat to any Diplomats or whoever else who live there or work there. To say otherwise is absolutely ridiculous.

This isn't a discussion about anything other than that simple fact. Time to pull out until the dust settles. Unless of course the theory is that you wait until a few people are murdered to asses the "threat" level. Then hey, sure, go about your philosophical ways and pontificate over a Pabst about who is right and who is wrong. We all know its a mess, pulling people out isn't done to send messages, its done to protect lives.
Lx wasnt reffering specifically to the pulling out, or at least i dont think. He was saying that it signifies the beginning of war and THAT wont solve anything. Which is why i said well said. Theres nothing wrong with pulling out and not interfering with violence, but if it is the signal for it then it's wrong. The clerics want war as with war they can feed propoganda into the public to decrease their opposition and war also gives them a reason to wrongfully imprison , rape, torture, and kill many others as any opposition can be written off as support for the "enemy". War is NOT the answer here. In all honesty i dont know what is at this point. These clerics are some of the most ruthless people in the world and will stop at nothing to retain power. If they do see their departure is immenent they will destroy iran and leave it nothing. All our wealth, history, education, all will be taken away. Disgusting human beings. Disgusting ideologies. Goodness religion agitates me.
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