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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post

Lowry- 26yrs old
Derozan- Going into his fourth season
Bargnani- 26yrs old
Gray- 27yrs old
Kleiza- 27yrs old
Calderon- 31yrs old
Lucas- 29yrs old
Amir- 25yrs old (in the league 7yrs)

There's a decent mix imo of veterans, young veterans and young players (rookies, sophomores). To think that this team with a healthy Bargnani and an upgrade at PG is going to be quite a bit worse than last season is asinine no matter what the reasoning is. I could see being 20-22 (i would put us in the 15-20 range) but #29? A little ridiculous.
Wow - great list of guys that haven't managed to fully establish themselves. That's not the kind of veteran that I nor Sheridan has in mind.

Do they really need to be quite a bit worse than last season to deserve this ranking? There were aspects of last season that were quite successful, but you have to have some rose colored glasses and sport permanent wood for Colangelo to not see that by and large it was some horrid basketball.

How do they get worse with said upgrade, and a healthy Bargnani? It's not that hard to fathom, and pretty asinine to suggest asininity. There are three more rookies to work into the scheme of things. There's a dude who went from the toast of manhattan to a bad season to who knows what now in the small apple. There's maybe the wrong kind of pressure on DeRozan and Calderon going into contract years with a lot of questions. And there's less of a sense of what the team's core is or will be from last season when the emphasis for everyone was on defense and Demar and Bargnani were allowed to carry the bulk of the offensive load. There are a lot of new roles to be defined this time around, and much more expectations for a real team to take shape. You need a mature vet without self-interest to help that process along, especially when it becomes abundantly clear that there are moves that need to be made.

Now I'm not suggesting these guys absolutely cannot over-achieve. I think they will, though it might take some time and losing streaks for that to happen. And until it happens it's not all that unfair or asinine to put them in the basement. This is not a prediction of how the team will do right? It's an assessment of what they look like right now? Not far off from the basement at the moment. It's really hard to imagine them setting the world on fire right out of the gate. I just hope they are able to handle that so they don't go on to dip fom there. Though I'm sure Landry Fields will come play patty-cakes with Jose and the ship will be righted and they'll never look back.
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