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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
I'm gonna go out on limb here and go on my hunch that he was on to something last year with his shooting stroke, but was undone by the season starting and having to time to really keep on it with no practice time...

As you may remember, Derozan worked hard on his shot and range, but changing your shot is hard, and takes thousands of consistent reps. But what we saw in the first couple weeks, was nice, and it was positive. His release point as higher and more in front of his head, less throwing, more shooting, and his actual ball flight and rotation was much better. You could see him revert as the season went on. I think DD is working on that again, hard. I think he's putting hi time in right now and has been flying under the radar because of the olympics and all the other shit the raps have going on, so less press etc.

I think Derozan will match Bargnani in production:


I say this with a grain of salt as he might be eating chicken with Jennings too, I just really think that he will have seen what happened last off season and I think that will motivate him and that he is likely getting a few thousand shots up a day right now. I may have criticized this guys game, but I never have his attitude pr his effort,I trust he is doing his best, and if he is, there is no reason he can't improve significantly with a full offseason to continue what he learned last year, and a full camp to work it into actual gameplay scenario's and sets.
I too think he'll make a very big jump, but those numbers would put DD in the mvp running, far from it, but in the conversation, and I don't think he'll be there next season.. i'd say 20 ppg, 48% shooting, 35% 3 point, 3.5 reb, 3 assists with much improved D. I can see derozan being pushed to improve his D with ross gnawing at his heels, and he'l do it in a grand fashion. this kid has improved every season he's played, and his least improvement, was off a retarded season. kid's going to be an all star, someone quote me, i do believe it. he has the work ethic, and tools. sure he may not be kobe talent, but he has his drive, and enough tools to get him to an all star level.
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