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1) Age: 18
2) Born: Philippines
3) Hometown: Toronto, ON
4) What are your ethnic roots? Philippines
5) Favorite All time Raptors: Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon, Vince Carter (?)
6) Favorite Current Raptors: Jose and a bit of Andrea. Hoping on the J Val bandwagon though
7) Favorite Non Raptors Players: Kobe Bryant (cliche maybe, but honestly he is such a smart player. Don't confuse me with the common fanboy )
8) Which NBA team do you hate the most? The Knicks organization is just so full of hot air. I also dislike Cleveland a bit for reasons slightly unknown.
9) Which NBA player to you hate the most? I don't "hate" any players per say but I generally just dislike players who are lazy and have NO work ethic. Turkoglu in Toronto comes to mind.
10) Favorite Raptors moment: When the Raptors won the Division title. But somethin I've watched on tape was the 2001 playoffs with VC verses AI series.
11) Outside of basketball, who is your favorite athlete, past or present? Honestly basketball is my one true love but I guess I'd go with anyone who is loyal to Canada/Toronto, non come to mind right now though.
12) Other messageboard handles:
13) Who would star in the movie of your life? I'm just going to answer this question as "favorite actors" which in that case would be: Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Jason Statham. I also LOVE most Disney movies, they have amazing heart warming stories with a couple life lessons.
14) What team did you cheer for pre-Toronto? Grew up watching T dot.
15) Favorite Flicks: Toy Stories Series is probably at the top. Many great movies come and go so I can't think of any others. Disney movies though!
16) Music preference: Indie rock, pop, and a bit of hip hop/rap
17) Beverage preference: I've only drunk I couple times so I wouldn't be able to say, at least not yet.
18) If you could be anyone for day, who would it be? Either Justin Bieber (gotta have those girls swarming) or Brad Pitt. Any multimillionaire superstar playboy would do though.
19) Assume your still single (if your currently not), celeb wise who would you date? Katy Perry

Also, I've been a long time reader (2-3 years) but now that I'm done high school I think I might have time to actually post on this damn thing! Glad to be here.
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