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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Really? I need to do research? Can I not simply expect a comedian to offer comedy? Because that's the problem here. There was zero comedic effect, unless his tone would somehow provide some, but it's difficult to imagine how that would be the case.

So you're in the audience and a comedian points to you and suggests it would be funny if you were bent over a table, stripped down, and had a stick shoved up your ass. No, no - make it a pole. A bamboo pole. And it gets shoved up your ass mercilessly.

Do you take that with a laugh? There needs to be a measure of truth in something, mixed with an unexpected twist or outcome, in order to make something comedic. And there's just no truth in the statement that it would be funny to have a stick shoved up anyone's ass. But please, laugh away. Get that stick out your ass.
Good for you, don't like the guy who cares, it's not you're style of comedy, just because YOU have a definition and certain need for styles of jokes and comedy doesn't mean it has to be scripted to a way YOU will enjoy it. You don't like his, move on. Guess what, he wouldn't be where he is now if he wasn't funny or comedic. Cool you didn't like the joke, stop getting all bent out of shape.

Also if that happened to me a in a show, I wouldn't really care, its what comedians do, they rip on the audience, yes it may of been a bit much, but thats the way he's always been, expect it if your going there.

Lastly, yes, do some research, why? Because then you'll know what kind of comedy show you're going to, and what type of things to expect so you don't walk into something that you're not going to like and have this happen and cry, bitch, and moan about it. Is it really that difficult to take 10 minutes to watch a potential comedy show you're thinking of going to or watching? Ya ok go waste you're money then with something you don't even know you'll enjoy. Why the hell do you think movie's have trailers?! SO YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE GETTING YOURSELF INTO.

Originally Posted by raptorchick View Post
I wonder what happened to Tosh to make him so angry and mysognystic. Tiny dick? Got raped by daddy and mommy didn't do anything to help? Now he's angry at the world and compensating for his sad childhood by cutting down people. Just like Bill O'Reilly, his audience is your sad pathetic ugly male tiny-dicked bitter loser who couldn't get laid if a chloroformed hooker stumbled into his basement apartment - basically your bottom-of-the-barrel scum. In Brazil they have death squads to exterminate such useless resource-wasting fungi. Why not here? Hire some Nazis/CHP guys. Tosh is actually hilarious when he's cutting down people. Just wonder why he gets especially cruel when he focusses on women. Maybe someone firebombing his house while he's inside will help him open up.
I'm not even goin to respond to all that useless nonsense, just shutup. If you're going to call everyone tiny-dicked, prepare to have someone prove you otherwise.

Whats with the ragging on basement apartments? They usually have way more included at a cheaper price then an apartment building... Not so much noise from the billion other apartments around you either.

As stated previously, he's cruel to both genders, sorry you took such offence and decided to unload just because this time it was a female.
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