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Fancy. After three MAJOR ankle sprains (worse than a break really believe it or not, a simple fracture is 6 weeks, a total tear is 3-6 months) three total hip replacements and various other sports injuries I speak from experience.... its gonna be ok.

It hurts. and you body has to heal. there are so many things that need to happen in that leg right now it isn't funny. It will turn an array of colors, and it will kill. You will experience days where it feels great, and then the next day you will wake up and feel like all the healing that happened in a week had been reversed. Trust me buddy, if you tore everything as well as the fracture, its a very long healing process.

The thing you need to do, is stay positive, and trust that you are not alone in that MANY people have smashed their ankle and come out of it just fine.

things ya gotta do:

1. Stay happy, laugh, it helps healing, and your gal doesn't wanna hear you whine all day.
2. learn about inflammation and swelling and what you nee to do t control it. i.e NO ALCOHOL AT ALL WHILE HEALING. watch your sodium intake ets. learn and FOLLOW your hot/cold compress treatments. A joint keep clear of inflammation and swelling will hurt less and heal faster. Elevate that fucker.
3. Don't be a hero, go get physio, and when they give you little drills that seem silly, don't skip them or ignore them. The difference between many people having a sore joint for life, of healing properly and retaining 100% is almost always ego and proper adherence to a rehab program.
4. Gain perspective. Some people cant walk, some are losing a limb right now as we speak because of an accident at work, they have it bad, you don't. Feeling sorry for yourself is poor character and counter productive to moving forward. Be happy, be confident and above all be patient.

Hope this makes sense to you dude. I have been where you are, between my ankles and my Knee (tore patellar ligament showing off trying to dunk a couple years ago) and the three hip replacements, I know how it can get, and I know the doubt that creeps in, and how much it can hurt (especially an ankle). You're gonna be fine hombre, I promise.

Now, are you my little MexiCAN Fancy, or are you gonna mope around and be my little MexiCAN'T????

Man up fucker!

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