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Originally Posted by DanH View Post
Nope. First, you can't have cap space and a TPE. Second, your cap space is determined entirely by the contracts on your roster - whether you absorb Lowry into cap space or into a TPE, he still takes up room on the team's salary cap.

We have 7 million in cap space until Landry Fields is signed. Then we have pretty much none.
Larry Coon
Yes, they got a trade exception for $7.6 million, which expires 3/15/2013 (in other words, it will last through both the offseason and next season’s trade deadline).

Whether Toronto was under or over the cap depends on how you define “under the cap.” It’s true that their signed & waived players add up to just $46.1 million, which is $11.9 million under the cap. But when determining the amount of room a team has for signing free agents and for determining whether they get/keep their exceptions, you also have to include cap holds. The Raptors have cap holds for a number of free agents for whom they have Bird rights, including Julian Wright ($7.1 million), Rasho Nesterovic ($2.4 million) and Alexis Ajinca ($2.3 million). Their cap holds push their total high enough that they don’t lose their exceptions, so they get the $7.6 million trade exception for Barbosa.

Teams can renounce their free agents and/or exceptions, which removes their cap holds. So if the Raptors were to renounce all their free agents, they’d suddenly be below the cap — even when adding in the Barbosa trade exception — so the trade exception would go away as well.
I'm asking for assistance DanH, technically the Raps haven't released all of their cap holds for this coming season - which is 35.8 million. Add the Bayless TPE and that brings the cap holds and TPE total to 43.6 mil. Even releasing Bayless that pulls the salary & CH from 84.4 mil to 77ish mil. Though none of these trades/signings have officially happened the trick would be to do it in the right order without losing the TPE.

From what I've gathered we haven't released all of these holds equating to roughly 16 players (15 now if Bayless is off). Is there something I'm missing?
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