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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
saw prometheus last night. stunning visually, but the writing was awful. i mean really bad dialogue and thin characters. it's a good entertaining movie, but nowhere near the kind of film that alien was. not sure if that is fair, but it is clearly true. alien had this great mix of exciting action, solid, well-rounded characters, a terrific plot, a fear factor... it was a full-bodied film, so to speak. prometheus was nowhere near that. the plot was too big and too thinly explored. it felt like a 2 hour opening scene to a big movie, and i guess with the upcoming sequels that's what it will be. but as a stand-along movie it was so shallow as to be humourous.

7/10 for the scenery and action alone.

the life of pi was a massively overrated book that will not likely be a good film. ang lee is pretty good at making a lot out of a few simple scenes, so maybe something has been found here, but i thought the book was boring as hell, and i can't see a film version being any more interesting.

in fact, all of the previews looked awful - total recall? yikes. abe lincoln vampire hunter - double yikes.

the one with denzel as a pilot could be interesting,. but the rest were cringe-worthy. simultaneously an entertaining and disappointing night at the theatre for me.
When I read this post I was so trying to avoid this movie but I basically got outnumbered at the theatre to go see it. All your comments came true I'd like to add one more thing


Didn't you not find that the movie could have ended 3 or 4 times? I swear I think I prematurely got off my chair a few times it really was annoying. Also, the part when Shaw was in recovery, knocked out two people in recovery and used that high tech machine to have a C section made me wonder later in the movie. Why didn't anyone on the ship realise two men were down? why wouldn't anyone see if one of the most expensive machines on the ship was compromised and ummm well had a friggin alien in it?

It wasn't a terrible movie not one I'd recommend
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