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Originally Posted by b55bgc View Post
Spoilers Below

Sheesh you really picked it apart.
Myself i thought the biologist reacting had the same type of reaction as dutch from the second aliens. He was a military soldier and he wanted to run away. Its a very human reaction and shows the viewer a bit of his character.

Shaws husband came off as a dreamer and an idealist. HIs reaction to everything was in awe. I thought his character came accross perfectly. Even up to his death he portrayed this quality.

The Captain was awesome, had that old school feel to him, right up to the nostalgic instrument he played. Had that tough guy stoic feel to him.
The co-captains were there for a paycheque and nothing else. They even said it in the movie.
more spoilers

so if the biologist had that human reaction in once instant, why not when there was a crazy snake creature coming out of the black ooze? it was incionsistent. and what biologist reaches his hand out in a situation like that? he seemed like alittle kid with no idea what to do.

shaw's husband the idealist and dreamer? if you read what logan marshall-green said about the character, he says the exact opposite: He contrasted Holloway to Shaw, saying "she’s the believer. I’m the scientist. I’m the skeptic. I’m the atheist" (taken from wiki). he's supposed to be the 'push it to the edge' scientist, yet people are seeing him as the dreamer. to me, that's speaks to inconsistency in the writing. we should be sure of what he is and what he represents.

the captain was a stereotype (the ol' sea dog), and the instrument was a token of this. i found no depth to his character. he was basically a cardboard cutout from any space movie - old school, stoic, trustworthy - hell, he even went down with his ship. meh.
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