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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
more spoilers:

i don't think any of them really had much depth. shaw, maybe, but some of the stuff that came up was really out of the blue, and seemed like it was inserted just to drive a plot development in that moment, instead of built as a rounded character. her reproductive capacity was a perfect example of this. they way it was disclosed, right before it was needed for a plot development, was lazy and uninteresting.

i guess you could say david had some depth as well, but i thought some of it was really weak. i mean he was giving sarcastic responses to things that he wasn't supposed to have the ability to care about. i thought, even though fassbender gave a good acting performance, that the writing was weak because it didn't develop any of his traits. it just stated them and didn't address any of the times those traits conflicted with each other. i think that is lazy character development.

every other character was a charicature, underused or hopelessly inconsistent. here are a few examples - the biologist is completely uninterested in the fact that the probe had discovered a life form, so much so that he wanted to run in the opposite direction, yet he was fascinated when he saw the snake-like thing.

the geologist had nothing to him besides just being a negative guy/skeptic. he was irrelevant to the plot except as an eventual monster.

shaw's husband was bizarre. he seemed pretty juvenile most fo the time, yet was involved in this multi-trillion dollar project because his wife found something and he believed in it? and then when he finds what he is looking for, but it isn't alive, his first inclination is to get ripping drunk?

the two co-pilot guys had no purpose in the entire film except to blow themselves up, and even then had pretty much no purpose. you make the captain a good pilot and those guys have no function at all. and why is the captian not a good pilot? why was any of that necessary? it's not that it is wrong, it's just that it has no depth, no rhyme nor reason. they just stuffed characters in and gave them irrelevant parts without connecting it all together. i never felt that way about alien.

the whole crew, upon arriving on the planet, has basically no enthusiasm or reaction to seeing non-natural formations (a landing strip and buildings). this is very weak. i mean, how could they not be blown away by this? how could they not develop some kind of character interplay around this moment? they just breezed through it like they were on a plane to vegas or something. hey, that looks cool, let's land there!

the old guy wasn't developed at all, and neither was charlize theron's. maybe that will come later, but if i don't care about central characters after watching a film about them for 2 hours, something is missing.

all in all, i felt that the writing was weak. the characters were part of that, but the way that the plot was driven and some of the central themes were expressed was really disappointing. it felt slapped together. i could go on, but these are some examples of why i thought the film was very shallow.

i dunno. shaw and david were interesting, but both a bit flawed. the rest of the characters had almost nothing to them.
Spoilers Below

Sheesh you really picked it apart.
Myself i thought the biologist reacting had the same type of reaction as dutch from the second aliens. He was a military soldier and he wanted to run away. Its a very human reaction and shows the viewer a bit of his character.

Shaws husband came off as a dreamer and an idealist. HIs reaction to everything was in awe. I thought his character came accross perfectly. Even up to his death he portrayed this quality.

The Captain was awesome, had that old school feel to him, right up to the nostalgic instrument he played. Had that tough guy stoic feel to him.
The co-captains were there for a paycheque and nothing else. They even said it in the movie.
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