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Default movie thread with spoilers

Note - if you want to talk about movies but are giving away plot, please use this thread rather than the "latest movie you saw" thread.

Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
saw prometheus last night. stunning visually, but the writing was awful. i mean really bad dialogue and thin characters. it's a good entertaining movie, but nowhere near the kind of film that alien was. not sure if that is fair, but it is clearly true. alien had this great mix of exciting action, solid, well-rounded characters, a terrific plot, a fear factor... it was a full-bodied film, so to speak. prometheus was nowhere near that. the plot was too big and too thinly explored. it felt like a 2 hour opening scene to a big movie, and i guess with the upcoming sequels that's what it will be. but as a stand-along movie it was so shallow as to be humourous.

7/10 for the scenery and action alone.

the one with denzel as a pilot could be interesting,. but the rest were cringe-worthy. simultaneously an entertaining and disappointing night at the theatre for me.
I may be biased but i thought the story was very well thought up.
It left allot of questions that i hope will be in a sequel. But it also answered a lot of questions too.

I also think that there was some good character development in the two main characters of shaw and david.
Why would you develope characters which will be killed off at any moment?

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