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BC on the players he's looking at for the draft

no mention of lamb?

there is video below, but i found a transcript on another board if you'd rather not watch it:

There is some uncertainty, one of the names you might expect to be on our list, Dion Waiters from Syracuse, pulled out of the entire process with no explanation. He left Chicago today to fly home. Again, I don't know what the reason is. Our interview was scheduled sometime this afternoon and it got cancelled. Everyone else obviously is in the same boat. Didn't show up for any of the testing from what I can tell. I'm not aware of all the details yet. That's just one example of the uncertainty at 8. There's some thought that someone promised him a slot somewhere in the top 10 and he's comfortable with that and that's why he shut everything down, but I can't verify that. I don't know the details there.

I think you're looking at different players at different psoitions. We've talked aobut finding the best talent, the best player available, moreso than position. If you can find the perfect blend of someone who would match up not only positionally but with talent, that's the best of all worlds. We talk a lot about the future of the point guard position and the 3 position and some of the uncertainty there. But I think we've got a couple 2 guards on the board, if a Beal comes sliding to us, we've gotta consider him. That's unlikely. If Harrison Barnes comes sliding to us, he's a 3, he's someone we would strongly consider. I mentioned Dion Waiters, he's definitely in our mix. Damian Lillard, a point guard, is in our mix and we might be one of the first teams that starts to really talk about the point guard position if you look at the teams ahead of us. That's not to say that another team might not jump up and try to get him earlier.

There's some picks in play there, which could potentially adjust the order. And based on team needs above us and what their needs and interests are, it could affect who's there for us. I would also just say there's a couple bigs, Andre Drummond may be staring at us at No. 8. He's got immense talent, the question is is he going to get there? He's a very nice young man, we just had the chance to sit down and talk to him. You gotta look at Jared Sullinger on the board at 8 if he's there. Great college career and I think he's got potential to have a solid NBA career.

So as I've indicated by name, there's quite a few different players there, but they also cover a variety of positions. Points, 2 guards, 3 guards and fours. You might even throw in some outliers there, Terrence Ross at Washington has shown well at previous workouts, and also today, and maybe even a Moe Harkless. Long player, played out of position in college at the 4, he's played all over the map but mostly 4, but projected to be a 3 and he's the youngest player in the draft and again great upside. There's a range of players when you're sitting at 8, you're obviously relying on what happens above you. We've gotta let the dust settle on selections 1-7.

Aagain, being in the room with all these other teams, there's a lot of information gathering, a lot of intel being derived from those conversations and we're trying to piece it together as much as possible. Also, there's a lot of smoke that blows at this time. Smokescreens are prevalent, it's a big chess game, no one wants to show their full hand. At this stage, we're looking to be prepared no matter what the circumstances are when 8 is on the board.
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