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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
You do realize that fixing the lottery would be illegal, right? An NDA is meant to make it easier to sue people - it only has an use in court. It's like saying that the mafia should use NDAs to stop people from talking to the cops ... What's the NBA going to do if some guy goes public with this knowledge, sue them?

As far as the accounting firm, you MUST be joking. The very existence of an audit firm is tied to their reputation. They are hired for the explicit purpose to ensure the draft is not rigged. If they fail (and worse, they are part of the cover-up), they will almost certainly go bankrupt. Even if they don't lose all their clients right away, they would be sued by every team who ever was part of the lottery and didn't win ... Look up Arthur Andersen to see what a major scandal does to an audit firm. They used to be as big as PWC or Ernst and Young a decade ago.

And finally, the draft is public, there's media in the draft room to observe the process. Why would they televise it anyway, everything is done in a computer, they press a button and the results are spit out - it probably takes a milisecond. Which btw means that the programmers would have to be part of the conspiracy as well.

And again, why would they do it - what can they possibly gain from it? Not to mention that if they are doing it, how come NYK or Boston didn't win the lottery in all the years they've been in it? How come they sent lebron to Cleveland of all places, and now they send Davis to NO rather than to NJ?
i thought they used a lottery ball machine? also, how would they audit the scripts that they're using? that doesn't make sense to me. what would be the purpose of them being hired past giving a legitimacy to the draft when they would have anything to audit past a possible script that they probably wouldn't understand.

what benefit would someone have going public about the draft if the NBA will just squash him afterwards. i'd understand them being blackmailed, but going public after they've already committed bad business ethics? no sense to me.

also, i don't think it's illegal to being with. unless there's something written in the CBA somewhere.

but yeah

i don't think it's rigged, nor do i care. i'd rather us not have to worry about nights like last night unless it's someone else's pick for us.
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