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waiting for his team to return

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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
When I read some of the ridiculous things I do sometimes, yes. Everyone wants apologies, and handshakes and love and tenderness. Its a contact sport filled with straight up alpha males. A fan base when faced with these issues will say all the right things to save face, as do franchises and players, butwhen you ask yourself honestly, at the end of the day what you really think, you know what the answer is.

This is liv cinema, and you cannot have hero's without villains. There cannot be emotional rivalries void of emotion. You know I read all the time about how the Raptors have no league identity, none to speak of. No rivals, no enemies. Its because thy have never had a MWP or a LAimbeer. No Mahorn or Malone. The only time the Team was even remotely emotionally engaged into NBA fans across NA is when they had Oak and a small budding rivalry with the Knicks, which died as quickly as it started when Oakley left.

So yeah, I'll ask youif you need a tissue, or if you could just please give it some thought.

Do you people really, honestly want a Professional contact sports league with Zero emotion or malicious intent. I know I sure don't.

Eff Harden, MWP doesn't need to shake his hand, I don't need him too at least.
Geez where to start.. Rivalry comes from competition. We haven't had any success, so it's tough to have a rival. Injuries do not have anything to do with this. You can have healthy competition without hurting a guy. He gave Harden a concussion. Either you don't understand the potential long term ramifications of such an event, or your sense of competition is disgustingly twisted.

I hate the love fest that often takes place on the court. I love physical play when it is still playing basketball. Elbowing a guy in the head has no place in the sport, I don't give a shit how competitive you are. You don't want to shake his hand? Great. Then say "It's regrettable what happened to James, and I wish it hadn't happened. But he doesn't start so I wouldn't even have a chance to shake his hand if I wanted". Do not come off as an mindless thug (keep in mind you already got yourself this rep, so you in particular have to be careful) and say "I don't shake hands with subs". You come off as a moron, while providing motivation to the other team.

I would love a league void of malicious acts. You can play a tough, competitive, physical game without intending to hurt someone.

I implore you to be the one to just think about it.
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