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You're probably right about lewis, even though for the most part it was Sam decision to play Bosh at center to defend on Howard. Having JO would allow Bosh to stay on Lewis, and I'm pretty sure Bosh is quick enough to at least do a decent job on Lewis.

In any case, the reality is that:

1. that wasn't the major problem for us last season, not even close, not even in the Orlando series. The problem in that series was we couldn't defend Howard, Bosh was severely underpowered, and Rasho was useless on offense because he wasn't challenging D12 in any way.

And generally speaking, we were most lacking in interior defense and perimeter defense. The way our team is constructed, we will always be lacking in that area as we don't have athletes in the back-court. However, with an elite interior presence, you solve one problem completely, and partially alleviate the other one, since we will have somebody to be a strong second line of defense.

2. Of all the potential trades available this summer, the most debated was corey magetter. I would argue that a guy like Magetter would not solve either of the two defensive problems. Sure, he adds a second weapon on offense which would help in those close games. But we were a good offensive team, and while improvement is always good, it's a better approach to take care of the more stringent issues first.

So why blame Colangelo for making probably the best trade available, and then illustrate with our backcourt, which for the most part would have been the same, maybe worse (defensively), regardless of the trade scenario. If there was an option to trade TJ straight up for somebody like g. wallace or shane battier, then I could understand. Otherwise, this move was great in many ways (on paper at least): improves defense, rebounding, shot blocking, frees Bosh on offense, financially flexible - you name it. It doesn't fix ALL problems, but look around the league and tell me how many teams are perfect?
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