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Well, when I look at a player, especially a big. 3 things come in in terms of how they're evaluated: The offensive side of the ball, D and rebounding. When someone is phenomenal at all 3 aspects, they are in hall of famer/clear franchise cornerstone level - so in terms of PF - the best example is KG - superb on offense, a solid rebounder and a solid defender. TD was also great at all three, except he offered more rim protection. Dwight is the same in terms of being great at all three. (granted he could learn a few post moves to truly be dominant but besides that). Dwight offers rim protection.

Next group is the group of guys who do 2 things very well. Usually when they are great or decent at 2 things they can be all stars or good second options offensively. We had the perfect example of one playing in Toronto for a while in CB. CB isn't elite on D and is average/ok/decent on that end of the floor. There are countless others in the league who do well in terms of rebounding and offense.

The parallel to the previous group is the group of players who aren't exactly options on offense but defend well and rebound well - exhibit a - J.Noah. Ben Wallace in his prime was the perfect example of this kind of player.

The 3rd group is the group of players who only do one thing very well and struggle in other aspects. R.Evans is a great example - monster on the glass, but not the best defender and certainly not an option on offense. Sometimes when a player is in this category if they truly excel in that one part of the game, they can possibly be a starter or a 6th man. Bargs is currently in this group. If he could rebound he wouldn't be in this group. If he improves his d (I didn't suggest rebounding because let's face it, he's been in the league how long and his rebounding %ages haven't really improved) he could join the other group where other bigs who aren't exactly good on D have been because they can rebound the ball (ie. David Lee, Carlos Boozer).

I'm not hating, I'm just telling the truth. I know as long as BC is here Bargs will be here.

PS: I've watched the raps get manhandled live by the atlanta hawks, lose to a Rose-less Bulls live, lose to PHX twice - live.

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