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Originally Posted by pzabby View Post
on the contrary, the freedom of the afghan people has significantly increased since the Taliban left, and has been incrementally increasing ever since.
there are other means to achieve peace and creating democratic system in countries like these, other than invasion and military supervision. (see: arab spring protests.) i'm not saying that a public outcry that leads to protest will end in a peaceful manner but it's much better than having a foreign country come in by force and just stir up the hornets nest and expect quick results before they leave. when the people take control of their situation in their own way, they can address the problems that are needed to the citizens much more quickly. obviously these are all givens, it all depends on who takes over or how things pan out.

The problem with that state is extreme poverty, and a lack of any sort of plan to fix it. They don't have resources to sell, they don't have things which interest foreign investment, and tourism doesn't work in a war wasteland.
simple, (well not really) they have people. an educated population goes a long way to improvement in the standards of living in society. i have faith that an improved educational system with intellectuals and activists that are leading a informed public of their plans could easily find a way to improve their situation and benefit not only to their own country but to the world as well.
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