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Originally Posted by LX View Post
The pacificist position is not without merit either. There was a chance to take in the Jewish population instead of participating in a war that ultimately left all diminished. But I'm glad to see the response as it is. I really believe Harper is going to end up covered in muck.
You know, I was actually discussing what Canada did with the war as opposed to the U.S and this possibility came up. Now we'll never know if Hitler's actual intention was to kill of all the Jewish people, (I don't know how that's even possible since it's a belief that you can switch to and not necessarily determined solely at birth), but if it was, and Canada did take in the jewish nationals, instead of helping out Europe, wouldn't you say Hitler would have aimed his sights on Canada? And a weak Canada at the time, I don't think would have been able to defend against that (but then again there's so much maneuvering needed to be done with the atlantic that noone knows how it would have went down).

that being said, I'm extremely proud that Canada helped out Britain and ultimately the world. What the U.S did was piss poor, and well defines the U.S till today. Oportunist piss poor human beings not giving a fuck about others unless it somehow benefits themselves. We put the largest percentage of our population (already decimated severely from the first world) into the war in terms of troops, nurses, etc, and sure, if we hadn't and not given a fuck we'd be stronger, but would we want to be regarded as selfish, maniacle, bastards?

I sing it everyday and at the beginning of the semester, if I'm in a class with people who don't know me I get giggles, but I never give a fuck! and eventually, i get commended for it. Love what this country stands for.

that being said, Harper's doing a royal job of fucking it up.
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