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harper's "rebuttal" is ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous. parties change their names, but the people change and so do the attitudes.

Originally Posted by pzabby View Post
it's sad indeed what harper's brought canada's sacred house of commons to. However, for the first time in my life, I agree on an issue with Harper. Canada should stay in afghanistan past 2014, as that country is still in dire need of assistance, where a large part of the population believes in the sick twisted ideas of religious extremists. The only reason I agree with Harper here is because I think of the young afghan girls, being given off into a polygymy family, having their genitalia mutilated, all based on some ancient sick belief. However, I in no way support the way in which Harper is defending his move.
cute. just because harper feels entitled to help young afghan girls means we have to keep our troops in a country where the majority clearly does not want us and using military force is just making it worse.

if harper is so noble, why is the gap between the poor and the rich increasing? why is he so delighted to find out that the north pole is melting so that he can drill oil north to benefit canada?why are the programs that support the underprivileged throughout canada being cut to overpay the supervisors that inspect these programs, when they clearly don't do jack shit but make "adjustments" for "improvement"

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