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I still think this is a 2 dog race because the other guys each have 1 huge flaw going against them(Rose's is arguable though).

Paul v Williams.

Just because Williams is on a bad team, don't let that take away from what a great PG he is. He, like Paul, does everything well, the difference being DWill is a bit better in 1 on 1 scenarios on isos vs guards, whereas Paul is the better passer off the dribble. Besides that they're on the same level, which I think is the top level of the PG class in the NBA.

Rondo can't score in crunchtime which is a huge detriment to Bostons crunchtime offence as they cant run the regular stuff they do for him unless it's just straight pick and pop where Rondo will never be shooting off of the pick vs good defences. You cant have teams zoning up your teammates because of your inability to shoot consistantly beyond 10 feet. It amazes me how little he's improved his shooting over the last few years. He's still a 59% FT shooter!!!

Westbrook still makes awful decisions routinely throughout games and is still too obsessed with the mano a mano crap when someone scores on him. And he's nowhere near the passer off the dribble the guys I mentioned above are.

Nash is great but he's a huge liability defensively, and I've noticed this year he's not as able to create vs trapping defences due to him not being as quick.

Rose is probably the best halfcourt finisher(pg) in the NBA, and has improved a lot with his passing off the dribble and pick and roll play, but whether its due to the guys around him or just his playing style, he often takes things in to his own hands and too many times has possessions where he's the only one who touches the ball and forces up contested outside shots instead of probing and taking what the defence gives him. Again, he's improved a lot in this area, and he could very well be the best PG in the NBA bar none in the next few years if he continues to get better creating opportunities for his teammates. But as of now I'm not a huge fan of him taking 20-25 shots a night with a lot of them being contested 2s since he isnt a great great shooter like CP3 or Nash.

And I like Parker, but he's not in the same class as the guys mentioned above besides maybe Westbrook.

So ultimately, I voted for CP3, because he's the best all around PG in my opinion. IMO he's the best pick and roll PG(Nash a hair behind) because of his ability to create openings for teammates, pullup or drive to the rim himself, or create a small to big mismatch with the way he uses angles. He's probably the best dribbler in the NBA, he has a GREAT ast/turnover ratio despite handling the ball so much, and he controls the game how he sees fit at all times. His main weakness is he often isnt aggressive enough in the first 3 quarters of games, but then again, you want your PG getting the other guys going throughout the game. He can basically do anything he wants on the floor vs any matchup, so give me CP3.
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