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Originally Posted by •LX• View Post
Please do so. I said TJ is more proven against starters. I never said Jose could only play against bench guys. Before you ever arrived on the scene I was calling for him to start instead of James. I said that he had a starter's mentality, even if his development might not have been up to it then.

So - wrong again.

And just so I've got this straight - you do not want to see Bargnani develop offensively beyond what we saw last night?

And the defense he played last night - should that be discouraged? Because that was not Bargs being Bargs. I've seen Bargs being Bargs, and it often does not involve playing much defense at all, whether he's lighting it up or not. He does actually need to effect the outcome of games whether he's having an off night or not, and from everything he said last night - he accepts that challenge. But you go ahead and think that the pressure of developing into a consistent impact player is too much for him to handle, and that he should just fill the void that Mo left behind, and let's all party.

Ahhh yes...fence sitters unit....To say you havnt been critical of Jose is just insane...and you constantly have pushed for "The Starter" which should be his nickname. The evolution of the whole Jose thing is laughable, but I will get to that in a another thread. It's easy to be partially right all the time, when you never definitavily say anything. Bargs was always a good defender, I still think as a big, he is our best man on man defender. Of course, I would like him to be a more complete player, but I want it to happen naturally not force it on a 22 year old kid.

If you must bring yourself to critique my love of Mo, thats fine, and If you don't think the way Mo, played defense against the leagues best, is missed, that fine too...its not true..but its fine. Mostley when I bring up Mo, LX, its tounge and cheek, I understand his faults, he was just my favorite Rap.

"Before I came on the scene". None of that matters it was a B.B, "Before Benzo". You gave cudos to Jose over James...Thanks.

BBargs has been mishandled since he cam back from his injury, atthe begining of the year he was better than Bosh...hell at the begining of the year KVH was better than Bosh, but I am willing to accept that Bosh as become a great player, and as a Raptor fan, I am thnkful I was wrong (for now).

As far as Bargs being better than Bosh one day...stay tuned, that show isnt over yet.
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