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Originally Posted by JDMtors View Post
These players DO NOT plan for the future or what they will do after retiring or when the yare out of the league. They only see Ill rather go to school and go make millions.
that's a very small majority of players who keep that mindset throughout their nba careers. take in the fact that players even under ludcrious NBA contracts go through life like all of us. they grow up and go through the ups and downs of life and change.

read the story of a NBA player named stanley roberts, who pretty much entered the nba after his stint in college, with a high potential, then was kicked out because of drug use. after his basketball career he's back at LSU getting a degree and restarting his life.

people change, and if players who are unsuccessful don't change that mindset, and didn't plan out life, so what? they don't drop dead and die on the street.

This money is ended up being spent cause they have so much money and life is good for them. If you think its really easy to open up your own business as an entrepreneur then I guess that means everybody should start up a business too. Fact is starting up your own business is difficult and these guys do not have the knowledge to do so. And not every player takes business while in University.

Easiest bet is to go to Euroe/China/South America or play in the Dleague
ok not everyone takes a business degree while in college or university, but you just proved my point of having options open for them after the nba. they can choose to play in europe and other leagues to get their money. if they fail and have nowhere else to go, they got the money and connections to build on, or go back home and start again, go back to school, etc.

so in conclusion, if a player wants to spend one year in college to make the jump to the nba with no regards to the future, whatever, that's his gamble. he has more than enough opportunities to take hold of after it's all said and done to continue to have a successful financial career

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