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Originally Posted by Raptorman View Post
Sells out every year. I've been to two of them. Great being around real Raps fans....and yes, the suits.

But why mix moronic Leaf fans in there? Totally dumbs down the event.
thats effin brutal man. It really is.

You know, i started watching hockey when I was 4. I was a little guy with my grandfather. I remember watching the leafs, and my gramps had those little stubby bottles of Labatt 50. I t was always really exciting because I could stay up late, even though I had no idea what was going on. Great memories for me. That was the year I started playing Hockey. 35 years ago. I still play, I love it. I've skated with NHL legends and marveled at their grace and thought.....wow, I'm in heaven. And I still watch the Leafs.

Its hard watching them lose, much like the Boston Red Sox fans had to endure, you just grin and bear it...next year. But it's fun, its our team I guess, we grew up watching them, we really had some great and fun runs too. A missed call, or a few terribly timed injuries on good teams meant missing the Cup finals.... but we were ok with it. I don't think I'm an idiot, or a moron, or disillusioned. I know in fact that aside from numbers and stats, I know the game inside and out. You get frustrated trying to figure out why your team won't win because really, there isn't a simple answer, if there were, it would have happened by now.

I remember When the Raps came to town. I was a basketball player at the time and couldnt have been happier. Having never had a chance to have a home team to cheer for, i had been a Hawks fan, mostly because I bought Brooks Arsenal shoes, and Dominique Wilkens was on the Brooks poster on my wall. I played up into college. I wasn't bad, but not good enough to make the actual team. Any of you who have played ot that level know how basketball crazy you get though....easily 3 hours a day, most days a little more. I grew to really understand the game.... I had too, I was small. When I stopped playing I kept watching, the Raptors of course were in Toronto now and we had a team to cheer for. However, much like the leafs they saw little in the way of success, over the year languishing in the basement aside from a few mediocre seasons. But what the hell, just like the Leafs, they are my home team so I watch, when I can, I cheer, I boo, just like I do the leafs. Just like most leaf fans actually.

I guess what I'm getting at is this. And I'm sure I speak for all Leaf fans, anyone calling me, or "the suits", or anyone for that matter a moron for supporting the team I grew up watching is an ignorant buffoon. Myself, and DOZENS of friends a like are actually quite intelligent, and know exactly whats going on, and to be quite honest, judging from what I read here on a day to day basis, if this is the home of so called "raptor fans" I wouldn't get so big in the britches about the alleged intelligence level of the overall fan pool, it ain't blowing anybody's doors off. I n addition, I have been to both Raptor and Leaf games, many actually, if anything, the over all general feeling I might get would be the exact opposite to what is being implied by the people referring to Hockey fans/ Leaf fans as morons.

So really, think before you speak, and dont call people names because they cheers for a different sport, or team, It's ridiculous, horribly inaccurate, and basically, just lame.
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