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Default Trayvon Martin

Have you guys heard this yet? This is so sad.

So I just heard of this horrible thing happened in a gated-community in Sanford, Florida. This kid, Trayvon Martin was visiting to his dad's gf in the gated-community to see the NBA All-Star game was shot dead by the self-appointed neighborhood watcher named George Zimmerman. Zimmerman saw a kid wearing a gray hoodie at the gated-community looking suspicious and was "holding something" which later found out that he was carrying a Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea.

From the 911 phone call by Zimmerman, he was caught saying "fucking coons", and "these assholes always get away", and thus racially-motivated. He claimed that he did it for self-defense.

Now this event caused outrage to the African-American community in the US, whilst the racist Whites are saying how come this event causes so much TV attention compared to the "Knoxville Massacre" as what they believed was racially-motivated.

The Sanford Police failed to have a full forensic protocols on both Zimmerman and Martin, probably they were sold-out on Zimmerman's statement. The weird thing is, the Narcotics Department was the one handling the investigation instead this should be the job for the Homicide Department. The investigator was allegedly correcting a witness after she told the police that she heard a teen cry for help prior to the gun shot. The investigator told the witness that it was Zimmerman who cried for help. This, to me, looks like they are trying to cook this investigation and siding on Zimmerman.

The Feds are now involved on this because of the incompetence of Sanford Police. Also, this is not the first time Sanford Police faced allegation on racial prejudice. They declined to prosecute a white man who happened to be the son of a police officer punching a homeless black man until the video went viral on YouTube. Interesting thing is, the officer in charge of this happened to be in charge of Trayvon Martin case!

I researched the history of Sanford and I found out that they have a rich history of racism over the years. First recorded was when the Dodgers held their training camp back in 1946, people were outrage when they learned there's a black guy named Jackie Robinson in town playing with the whites and demanded to have him to be kicked-out of town.

Sanford, FLA must be one of the worst cities to be in if you're black.
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