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Originally Posted by LX View Post
It doesn't matter if they are a pushover or not. Afghanistan was as big of a pushover as you can get, and with an armed opposition ready to do the heavy lifting to boot, and guess what country is still locked in conflict and costing lives and money? The nature of warfare today is such that there is no winning. Israel will be on its way to altering the nature of its own pursuit as a secular democracy for good. They will not only be occupiers thumbing their noses at international law, they will be heading down a path towards the same sort of extremism they have forever claimed to prove the need for the occupation.

What really sucks is that there was an opening for negotiations a couple of years ago. For the US to have let that opportunity pass was equally stupid as anything Netanyahu might do.
well said, imo they are, at this point, using the holocaust as an excuse to get their way, and their "way" is becoming more and more selfish and inhumane. the poor people in Palestine, im not talking about hammas, the people. They were forced out of their homes, all the while jews, christians, and muslims were all living happily within a country.

LX it may have seemed as an opening for negotiations, but these mullahs are as equally stubborn as they are extreme. Negotiation is not in their vocabulary. Either they get what they want entirely, or bring the whole nation down with them. Religion imo has been outta their mindset since khomeini enforced headresses on all women. khamenei is even worse.
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