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I agree that faith is faith, and said as much. Faith is faith is faith. There is much that cannot be proven, or at least very big questions that cannot be answered. The oversimplifying I object to is in regards to what comes of it, and how it is applied. There is a wide spectrum in that respect and you like to hone in on the dogmatic and fundamentalist approaches, which without a doubt are dangerous at bare minimum. There are plenty of faithful that begin from a point of approaching the great mysteries - the unknowable - our origins. This is what lies at the foundation of all religions, not the need to assert absolutes. Where those absolutes are asserted, and freedoms denied, I agree that the problem is great.

As for dark energy - it exists. That's the problem. Not only does it exist, but there is too much of it too ignore. The theories in play are an attempt not to hit a basic limit in our understanding of the universe, and they are posited without any hope of being supported by evidence, unless we are somehow able to know of infinite universes suddenly. This is nothing like Einstein using his imagination to posit something which could eventually be proven. There does in fact appear to be a point where scientific principles and the faith that springs from the heart of the unknown are beginning to intersect. There is much that has been explained between nothingness and the infinite, but nothingness and the infinite still remain elusive.

Anyway, you are suggesting I'm talking around stuff, when here I thought there was a discussion taking place. I have no problem with your need to see things the way you do. I would hope you could do me the favor of not considering me dangerous, but sadly I'm not sure if that's the case, so there's little point in me continuing on with this.
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