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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
you know what comes out of the unknown? questions that deserve to be investigated. not questions that deserve to be addressed by make-believe.
Where does this make-believe come from? Are you going to tell me that there was no investigation involved? That makes no sense to me.

Meanwhile science is in the position of requiring make-believe in its own right. Science has always looked to discover the fundamental laws of nature thought to have been fixed at the beginning of time, or to be the result of random events thereafter. Now it would appear that the historic mission of physics to explain all the properties of our universe in terms of fundamental principles - to explain why the properties of our universe must necessarily be what they are - is futile. Scientists have looked at how fundamental forces appear to have been fine-tuned to allow for life. Alter the nuclear force just slightly and the balance is lost. Alter any of the four fundamental forces at all and we aren't here to discover them. So there is either someone or some thing that had a design, or there are an infinite number of universes and we happen to inhabit the one that is just so. Great. So you can still have your science over religious faith. But that route is incalculable, unknowable, and not able to be seriously investigated. It requires a good dose of faith. Bad science! Go to your room.
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