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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
faith absolutely does not allow for doubt, by definition. i am with you in intent, but unfortunately it is just not true.

anything that allows doubt, investigation, analysis - and that opens up all avenues for that doubt - is not faith, although some faiths often pretend they are doing this. if you, for instance, have theological debates, you may open up an interpretation to doubt, but you are not opening up everything the religion believes in to investigation. there are no theisms that i know if that are ok with questioning everything and with admitting that it might all be a load of nonsense. this is a very real and very significant probleam socially, politically and morally speaking.

nothing should be defended as an absolute truth that cannot be demostrated as such.
So Jesus did not have doubt? Doubting Thomas did not have doubt? Buddhists do not negate certainty at every step? Meanwhile, does science, particularly in seeking out the origins and basic principles of how the universe works, not rely on faith more and more, in needing to establish theories that simply cannot be proven. For decades we thought we were approaching an ability to come up with unifying principles that could be verified. Now there is a requirement of faith.

Nothing can be demonstrated as an absolute truth. So do we not act at all? I'm actually ok with that myself. I think humans get way too caught up with the need to act on the world. Ultimately it is power that matters more than anything else, and for me, as long as power is not exercised in the name of absolute truths, and allows for me to seek out truths on my own terms while remaining malleable and responsive to collective needs of all sorts, then I can live with it for the most part.
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