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Originally Posted by INSIDER View Post
********SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

questions, questions, questions....

how did Shane turn?
how did the kid turn?
why did shane bring rick back to the farm to kill him?
how the hell are there hundreds of walkers outside the farm all of a sudden?
Remember "Jenner"... the dude who worked for the CDC? Remember when he whispered something to Rick before they left? Odds are that he told Rick that EVERYONE is infected... and you come back when you die unless you sustain massive head trauma. That's why Rick shot the fat dude in the bar twice (once in the head after he was dead) and why they showed the police officer zombies with no apparent bites on them.

As for why Shane brought Rick back to the farm... I dunno. Got me there.

As for the walkers outside the farm... Hershel mentioned that the lakes/streams were drying up, making it easier for walkers to get around. They could have also been making their way to the farm for DAYS now (following the sound of gunshots and vehicles). In the comics that gets stressed a bit more. You may not see zombies right away when you fire a gun but you can bet your ass that they're coming... eventually.

All-in-all though... one of the best eps thus far. Lori really deserves a mother of the year award for losing track of Carl constantly lol.
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