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making funny and strange dark trade in his mind !!!

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my analys of those :

1. espn machine
Portland get Harris + CJ miles + 1st GSW 2012
Utah get Calderon + kleiza
Toronto get felton + batum + tpe (utah)

for Portland :
Harris > felton
batum = cj miles + 1st pick gsw
for utah :
Calderon = harris + 1st pick gsw
Kleiza > cj miles
for us :
calderon < batum + tpe
felton = kleiza
our roster :
a solid young first unit and an uptempo second one.

2. espn machine
Orlando get calderon
Portland get nelson + ed davis + 1st orlando 2012
Toronto get felton + batum

for ORL :
calderon > nelson + 1st orlando
for port :
Nelson > felton (more playoffs experience)
ed davis + 1st orlando = batum
for us :
felton + batum > caldy + ed davis

our roster same as early + kleiza.

3. espn machine
LAL get felton
portland get Calderon + ed davis + 1st Lal 2012
Toronto get Blake + Batum + tpe

For lal :
felton > blake + tpe + 1st LAL 2012
for port :
calderon > felton
ed davis + 1st lal = batum
for us :
blake + batum + tpe > Calderon + ed (especially with a draft loaded at PF)

our roster:
Barg/1st pick
+ we will have more money to spend.

4. espn machine
atlanta get felton + 2nd round tor 2012.
portland get Calderon + ed davis
toronto get hinrich + batum

for atlanta :
hinrich< felton + 2nd round tor
for portland :
calderon + ed = felton + batum
for us:
hinrich + batum >> Calderon + davis + 2nd round
our roster:
Barg/Kleiza/1st pick

5. espn machine
portland get barg + bayless
toronto get crawford + batum + felton + 1st portland 2012

portland get loaded in frontcourt for many years with two bigs who can out score everyfrontcourt in the league. Bayless knows their system and will provide them with more penetration and defense at pg.

we get some asset in return, especially in backcourt and a some power at sf with batum + JJ.
the mid-1st pick give us another asset.
and as we grab so much in bacjcourt we can trade barbosa or crawford to a contender like chicago or even minny and get back a pick and money.

our roster
caldy/felton/1st port
ED/Amir/1st pick tor

in each case, i really think we can improve drasticly our roster and don't put us in to much risk for the futur.

i really like what the 5th give us for barg, and how we can improve, with so many option in backcourt or to trade some and improve as much forward.
(caldy+crawford for parker)

if only BC can give us one of this 5, i will be very please to go forward with this team.

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