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Default Shaqs book about Kobe


I'm currently reading Shaqs book and some of this stuff is pretty funny.

So I'll share this with you guys.

When the 97-98 season began Kobe was starting to get comfortable in the league. He started doing too much and taking everyone else out of their rhythm. I told him, "Hey, you've got to play team ball," and he always had an answer back. Anything you told him or suggested to him, he always had a comeback. I don't think he ever said, "Yeah, sure, thanks. That's a good idea."

Rambis had made Kobe the golden child, so everyone was afraid to question the kid. I wasn't afraid of anyone. I was going to say what was on my mind whether people liked it or not.

We were in Sacramento and we were losing, so we called a team meeting. No coaches, just players. Every time Kobe started with his one-on-one nonsense, we were tired of hearing "He's just a kid let it go." Guys were saying stuff under their breath about him, and that's never good.
This ones pretty funny

We use to rap on the bus all the time. We'd freestyle. We'd see something and go off. It could be anything -a guy with a big nose walking his dog, a guy on our team with a zit on his cheek. Kobe wouldn't usually say anything, but he was sitting there observing . You could tell he wanted to join in, but he hung back. Maybe he was afraid he wasn't a good enough rapper. Who knows? We spent a lot of time wondering what was going on under that retro afro he had.

Kobe was a very intelligent guy. One day we're on the bus rapping and he starts in with his own rap. He's using all these big words, and the damn rap sounds like a movie script or something. That was when we realized he was going home and writing stuff up, then memorizing it and coming back with it on the bus.

He would pretend to be freestyling, but he'd throw all his metaphysical and metabolical stuff in there, so we'd call him on it. We'd tell him, "That ain't no freestyle," and he's get all defensive and say, "Yes it is. Yes it is. It's off the dome. It's off the dome." We'd all just laugh and say, "Okay, brother."
In the early 99-00 season we he had players-only meeting and everyone started to go off on Kobe. Next thing you know the coaches come busting in and stick up for the Kobester, saying, "C'mon, now. This isn't all on Kobe. Lets not turn this into a witch hunt." DFish interrupts Phil and says, "Hold on, Phil, your new here. We've been putting up with this for four years. It's time to get to the bottom of it."

The weird thing about that meeting was Kobe was sitting in the back of the room saying, "I love you guys." Only he wasn't saying it like that. He went into this street talk, saying, "Y'all my niggas, y'all like brothers to me." I was looking at him and wondering, What the hell is this? Maybe he was trying to fit in. After all, the kid was 21 years old. But if he wanted to fit in, he should have taken off his headphones once in a while and tried to talk to us.

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