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Originally Posted by TORaptor4Ever View Post
If Kobe TRULY cared about winning and was as great as some people think he is (I've heard him mentioned as a top 10 player ALL-TIME) he should be smart enough to understand that taking 24 shots/gm when you have 2 of the league's best big men on your team probably isn't the best idea....
Don't get me wrong. I think he's shooting too much this year too, but then again...have you seen the Lakers play? It's actually funny how many times per game Kobe gets thrown the ball with 5 seconds left and has to create something for the offence. I don't think he can consistently do that at a high level like he has been for his entire career. Also, with no PG out there, he's their best playmaker. Lakers are the worst 3 point shooting team in the league. They may have the worst 4-12 rotation in the league. Bynum can't handle double teams (yet). Add all the up and it's really not surprising he's shooting 24 shots/game. The only real problem I have with his shooting is his crunch time shooting. Taking way too many difficult shots and what not. I think even a decent PG would do wonders for the Lakers' offense and would make Kobe play off-ball more, come off screens, catch the ball in motion, etc. which will increase efficiency.

I don't think Kobe/Pau/Bynum are the problem. They are all producing at a very high level. It's everyone else that's the problem. It's not like Bynum and Gasol don't get their touches...the whole problem is they don't have a good passer who can get the ball to them where they want it. They also don't have someone who can throw clean entry passes into the post. When you're not catching the ball where you want it, it makes it much harder on you as a player when you're not playing to you're strengths. With no triangle offense, the angles to throw these passes are more difficult and risky (that's why you don't NEED a good PG for triangle offence, but is essential for a traditional offence on a contending team). So a lot of the time you have guys trying to force feed Gasol/Bynum in the post, they catch the ball a couple feet outside of where they want it, and that hurts efficiency. Even when passes are made to 3 point shooters in the corners, I see it all the time where the shooter jumps to catch the ball and isn't catching it in motion. This either gives the defence enough time to recover, or makes the shot harder because you break your rhythm. So what happens then? Defence sags, packs the paint. More double teams against Gasol/Bynum. And then what options do those 2 have? Give it to Kobe or give it to Barnes/Peace/Fisher who can't hit open shots consistently. Blake/Goudelock/Murphy can shoot well but only of those 3 actually hit 1+ threes per game. I think that's why he takes so many shots. I don't know...I think Kobe shoots a lot, but I think most of it is justified. No one else can really create their own shot. That's why the Lakers have been trying hard to land a star PG.

It's mind-blowing to me that the guy has the audacity to complain to management about ANYTHING. Guy's had a top-notch team around him for 90% of his career.
He wasn't complaining about his team, or the lack of talent on the Lakers. He was just saying that if they are going to trade Gasol, then do it, if not, then come out and say you're not. He publicly backed Gasol. Pau looks more confident and happy out there. He wasn't ripping management on not making moves or whatever, just simply pissed that they are just letting the Pau situation linger and it's hurting Pau and the team.
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