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Originally Posted by powerfulpanda View Post
did you tell her she was too sensitive? cuz that was what you said in ur first post.
people's past and backgrounds make them sensitive to certain things and who are we to say you are too sensitive? a black guy who was a victim of racism may be sensitive to the word nigger compared to a black guy who grew up without ever encountering racism. someone who is concious about their weight may be sensitive to the word fat. someone who was bullied may be sensitive to the word ugly. so who are we all to say that someone is too sensitive?
We are people who are reacting to others that have proven to be too sensitive perhaps. I get what your saying. I'm not going to tell anyone what they should and should not be offended by. Otherwise they would be right to ask who am I to make that judgment for them. They should be respected enough to be referred to in terms that they deem appropriate. But they should Los have enough respect for others not to jump to conclusions about being called something when that is possibly not the case.

I've bred black miniature poodles for many years. One puppy that was sold to a friend was named Saru, which is a Japanese term for a monkey. Our dogs are very much like little monkeys. When my friend took her dog to work and explained the dog's name to a black co-worker, the co-worker was terribly and vehemently offended. Should my friend have apologized and changed the name of her dog because black people have been compared to monkeys, or because people have named their black dogs after famous black people (both of which are indeed very offensive)? Her intent never came close to either example of intolerance and disrespect, and if there was any disrespect shown, it was towards my friend. And yet if the dog was part of a sit-com, the network would have to lose the dog and "apologize". That is where the world is at.

How about if we hold accountable the largely white male contingent that holds the sorts of privileges that allows them to trash the world economy, even profit from the decline of the economy, and then even insist on the right to be able to do it all again unimpeded. Does Disney hold those guys accountable, or do they feed money and influence into maintaining a terrible imbalance that fosters anything but a fair and just society? How much has Disney profitted from selling offensive stereotypes to children for decades? But oh goody - they sacked some dork and apologized. Talk about irrelevant.
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