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Originally Posted by powerfulpanda View Post
so u think we came from apes? why then, through the theory of evolution, did we lose all of our hair except the ones on our head? which goes against that very theory?
I'm bored, so I read part of this thread again, and thought I might point out four theories for humans losing their body fur, as plagiarized from this site (LINK)

1. The aquatic-ape hypothesis suggests that six million to eight million years ago apelike ancestors of modern humans had a semiaquatic lifestyle based on foraging for food in shallow waters.
2. In order to control our body temperature when we adapted to life on the hot savannah.
3. As a means to reduce the prevalence of external parasites that routinely infest fur.
4. Sexual selection - being a feature in one sex that appealed to another.

I assume it was a combination of all these, and that long head hair is a sexual attractor like a baboon's red butt. I love the "aquatic-ape hypothesis" because I'm always amazed that whales and dolphins are mammals.

I'm usually halfway amused when religious people pull out arguments from the 1950's like "what about the missing link" as proof that evolution is a flawed theory.

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