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Ur right on some points, but I wasn't trying to play the race card like you were indicating though. i was caught up in the moment but Floyd wasn't....he's been saying the same shit all his life.

"LIN ain't got recognized because he Asian..."

maybe it's because I didnt finish my sentence, but i was saying Lin didn't get recognized because he's Asian, he got recognized because of his talent....that's what i'm trying to say there if you know what i mean.

and i'm just being real saying basketball is not an Asian sport, it's not what we excel at. Asian kids might play basketball for fun, but most of the time it's not a career option because the height is not there. Is it wrong to say that ping pong is more of an Asian sport?

I might have exaggerated there when i said he didn't get any chance in Golden State and Houston...but you can't really deny the fact that he didn't get offered any Division 1 scholarships after being named the first team All State player of the year in California due to his ethnicity. Wouldn't you say Earl Lloyd overcame the racial barrier when he suited up as the first black to play in an NBA game? Maybe you are just getting at me for the Golden State and Houston scenarios....but garbage minutes doesn't mean much, Darko Milicic was given plenty of minutes in the garbage times in Detroit but didn't shine until he got picked up and given legitimate court time in Minnesota. Plus Lin was shouldering the weight of the Asian population so he was stressed to produce, it wasn't until after he got to New York did he then loosen up and played for the right reasons instead of trying to please the fans.

I wasn't trying to play the race card....some of the stuff I said might sound like it but you have got to agree to some degree race plays a part in his journey to success. Otherwise how do you explain that so many schools missed out on him and so many teams skipped him until now? If he's so good how could he be overlooked for so long? it's hard to understand it unless you've been through it.....

I might be wrong and might be contradicting myself here and I thank you for pointing it out, but being the 1st Asian American to make it to the big stage might be a little harder than it looks no? While on the other hand Floyd is saying how black people are not getting props for doing what they do, heck like 80% of the NBA players are black what's not being recognized? I didn't say Lin was prevented from succeeding due to his race, but rather his path is more ragged than most due to his race.....it's not a race card, it's a fact.

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